Thursday 7 October 2010

Lecture room F08

  • 8 Registration
  • 8.45-9 Opening of the conference by Olivier Faron, Director of the ENS de Lyon
  • 9-10 Plenary session - Chair: François Specq (ENS de Lyon)
  • 9-9.30 Sarga Moussa (Director of LIRE – CNRS) : “Hybridités imaginaires: croisements des cultures, des religions et des langues dans ‘Les Orientales’ de Hugo”
  • 9.30-10 Daniel-Henri Pageaux (University of Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle) : “Une alternative critique à l’hybridité postcoloniale : le néo-baroque (Littératures hispano-américaines et antillaises)”

Coffee break

Parallel Session 1: Postcolonial dis­lo­ca­tion (room F08)

Chair: Christian Gutleben (University of Nice)

  • 10.30-11 Florence Labaune-Demeule (University of Lyon 3): “Anita Nair’s Aesthetics of Hybridity: Mistress as Narrative Kathakali”
  • 11-11.30 Laetitia Zecchini (CNRS): “A historical hybridity and strangeness in contemporary Indian poetry”

Parallel Session 2: Hybridity and the visual arts

  • 10.30-11 Claudine Armand (University of Nancy 2): “Forms and practices of hybridization in Fred Wilson’s visual art”
  • 11-11.30 Sophie Dannenmüller (University of Paris I Sorbonne): “ ‘Café Mestizo: a grind so fine you give in to the pleasure’: The use of the medium to criticize society in David Avalos’ hybrid sculptures”
  • 11.30-12 Elise Trogrlic (University of Rouen): “Instability as praxis: the hybrid as a cross of failure and fertility in John Edgar Wideman’s treatment of Giacometti”

Parallel Session 3: Challenging fixed iden­ti­ties (room F122)

Chair: Corinne Duboin (University of La Réunion)

  • 10.30-11 Tania Zulli (University of Rome 3): “Identities in Transition: Hybridism in R. L. Stevenson’s Colonial Fiction”
  • 11-11.30 Claude Le Fustec (University of Rennes 2): “Magic realism: the poetics of hybridity in African American Literature”
  • 11.30-12 David Waterman (University of La Rochelle – Bordeaux 3): “The Contact Zone in Wartime: Hybridity’s Promise and Terror in Nadeem Aslam’s The Wasted Vigil

Lunch break

Parallel Session 1: Hybridizing Englishness (room F08)

Chair: Lacy Rumsey (ENS de Lyon)

  • 2-2.30 Anne Dromart (University of Lyon 3): “Hybridity, Legitimacy and Identity in the writings of Daniel Defoe”
  • 2.30-3 Jean-Michel Ganteau (University of Montpellier 3): “Mongrelization and Assimilation: The Hybridity of Englishness”

Parallel Session 2: Salman Rushdie’s hybrid poetics (room F120)

Chair: Joel Kuortti (University of Turku)

  • 2-2.30 Lise Guilhamon (University of Versailles Saint Quentin): “English ‘made as India’: the language of Salman Rushdie’s fiction between linguistic heterogeneity and poetic hybridity”
  • 2.30-3 Kerry-Jane Wallart (University of Paris IV Sorbonne): “Imperial authority and Renaissance perspective in Salman Rushdie’s The Enchantress of Florence

Parallel Session 3: Identity and oth­er­ness in recent Australian fic­tion (room F122)

Chair: Eileen Williams-Wanquet (University of La Réunion)

  • 2-2.30 Maryline Brun (University of Toulouse-le Mirail – University of Melbourne): “Racial and Literary Hybridity in Brian Castro’s Shanghai Dancing ”
  • 2.30-3 Salhia Ben-Messahel (University of Lille 3): “Hybridity as the site of difference in Nicholas Jose’s The Red Thread and Gail Jones’s Dreams of Speaking


Lecture room F08

  • 3.30-7pm Plenary session – Chairs: Catherine Pesso-Miquel (University of Lyon 2) and Vanessa Guignery (ENS de Lyon)
  • 3.30-4 Jopi Nyman (University of Eastern Finland): “A Carvery of Hybridity: Monica Ali’s In the Kitchen
  • 4-4.30 Joel Kuortti (University of Turku): “Hybridity as a ‘Disease’ in Salman Rushdie’s The Enchantress of Florence

Coffee break

  • 5.30-7 Abha Dawesar in Conversation

Friday 8 October 2010

Parallel Session 1: The Mongrel Self (room F08)

Chair: Deborah Madsen (University of Geneva)

  • 9-9.30 Myriam Bellehigue (University of Paris IV Sorbonne): “Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine: a mixed-blood narrative”
  • 9.30-10 Elisabeth Bouzonviller (University Jean Monnet, St-Etienne): “Cracks and « Bricolage » in Louise Erdrich’s The Antelope Wife or the Art of Hybridity”
  • 10-10.30 Héliane Ventura (University of Toulouse Le Mirail): “Unadulterated Violence: The Hermeneutics of Hybridity in Native and Non-Native Fiction”

Coffee break

  • 11-11.30 Jean-Marc Victor (University of Paris IV Sorbonne): “Figures of hybridity in William Faulkner’s Sanctuary
  • 11.30-12 Michaël Taugis (University of Paris VII-CEJA): “There and Back: Cross-Cultural Journeys and Interweavings in Gary Shteyngart’s The Russian Debutante’s Handbook.”

Parallel Session 2: Writing the hybrid self (room F120)

Chair: Nicole Terrien (University of Rennes 2)

  • 9-9.30 Ebrahim Salimikouchi (University of Ispahan): “Polyphonie de l’écriture du ‘moi’ hybride dans l’œuvre autobiographique d’Assia Djebar”
  • 9.30-10 Laure Gardelle (ENS de Lyon): “The contribution of pronominal gender to the representation of a hybrid linguistic identity”
  • 10-10.30 Sihem Arfaoui Abidi (Gafsa University): “The Between-world Dilemma: Pains and Pleasures of Hybridity in Arab and Arab American Memoirs”

Coffee break

  • 11-11.30 Françoise Dupeyron-Lafay (University of Paris Est Créteil): “Denaturing, contamination and hybridity in Thomas de Quincey’s autobiographical works (1821-1853)”
  • 11.30-12 Teresa Gibert (UNED, Madrid): “Thomas King and the Paradoxes of Hybridity”

Parallel Session 3: Cross-cul­tural fer­til­iza­tion (room F122)

Chair: Judith Misrahi-Barak (Montpellier 3)

  • 9-9.30 Corinne Duboin (University of La Réunion): “Black Atlantic Literature: Aesthetics, Hybridity and Globality”
  • 9.30-10 Yolaine Parisot (University of Rennes 2): “L’hybridité, un obstacle au comparatisme postcolonial ? L’exemple de la Caraïbe et de l’océan Indien”
  • 10-10.30 Blossom Ngum Fondo (University of Maroua): “Metaphors of ‘Twoness’: Constructing a Double Heritage in Michelle Cliff’s Abeng

Coffee break

  • 11-11.30 Eileen Williams-Wanquet (University of La Réunion): “Lindsey Collen’s The Rape of Sita (1993): the Politics of Hybridity”
  • 11.30-12 Markus Arnold (University of La Réunion): “Cosmopolitan visions and odysseys of memory: identity twists in the writing of Mauritian author Amal Sewtohul”

Lunch break

Parallel Session 1: Neo-Victorian grafts (room F08)

Chair: Jean-Michel Ganteau (University of Montpellier 3)

  • 2-2.30 Christian Gutleben (University of Nice): “Hybridity as oxymoron: An interpretation of the dual nature of neo-Victorian fiction”
  • 2.30-3 Nicole Terrien (University of Rennes 2): “ The Neo-Victorian novel: Hybrid or Intertextual Mosaic?”
  • 3-3.30 Monica Latham (University of Nancy 2): “Bringing newness to the world: Lloyd Jones’ ‘Pacific version of Great Expectations’ ”

Parallel Session 2: Hybridizing myths (room F120)

Chair: Laure Gardelle (ENS de Lyon)

  • 2-2.30 Simona Corso (University of Rome 3): “Robinson’s Adventures in a Hybrid World”
  • 2.30-3 Sneharika Roy (University of Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle): “Hybridizing Homer: A Case of Epic Genes and Genre in Derek Walcott’s Omeros
  • 3-3.30 Madhu Krishnan (University of Nottingham): “Narrative Hybridity and the Dynamism of the Postcolonial in Chris Abani’s GraceLand

Coffee break

  • 4-5.30pm Plenary session – Chair : François Specq (ENS de Lyon)
  • 4-4.30 John Hutnyk (Goldsmiths, University of London): “Creativity across borders”
  • 4.30-5 Deborah Madsen (University of Geneva): “Hybridity, hyphenation and mixed-race identities”
  • 5.30 End of conference